Dear Clients and Friends of James Baye,

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the sudden, accidental death of James Baye. For all inquiries, please email Michaela Boehm at Thank you.

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Services for Artists

True art arises from the heart of I. You are the portal to a unique view of this existence. In this particular time and space you offer the most valuable outlook for your greatest fulfillment. Your interpretation of reality must be nurtured and refined in order to distill your vision. When you are unable to draw forth from the richest essence of your own interior vistas then your art stagnates and your heart suffers.

Art, regardless if it is meant for others or only yourself, must be imbued with the fusion of your own personal insight, experience, yearning, and power. Awakening to your own sense of self must continually be challenged and cultivated, else you flounder in the nuances of potential without ever tasting the truth of potency. Whether a painter, sculptor, or musician; dancer, designer, or writer – regardless of your chosen form of artistic mastery – when you are unable to find that next thread of your weave it is essential to find the way.

The Wayfinder will provide you with the most ingenious and sophisticated means to claim your next incarnation of artistry. With intelligence and creativity the following services will hold and push both your edges and your failures until you can manifest the new expression of your deepest I.

The Short and Dirty
Creative Counsel Session
Condensed Coaching Program
Solo Retreat
Cracking Your Code
Collaborative Witness