Dear Clients and Friends of James Baye,

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the sudden, accidental death of James Baye. For all inquiries, please email Michaela Boehm at Thank you.

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Couples Relationship Services

Relationship is when two people come together for a common desire. The space between those two people is called intimacy. Increase the common desire and your relationship evolves. Decrease the space between and your intimacy grows. Relationship and Intimacy are not always congruent. Sometimes this is acceptable, and actually preferred. Sometimes this is painful, and awful to be living through. Often, there is just an underlying ache that it could be – different.

Different. In an intimate relationship “different” can be a word wrought with unintentional implications and unexamined needs. Different can also be fresh kindling on the embers of your passion and love.

These couples services provide for a wide variety of diversity within both domains of relationship and intimacy. These services are purposefully very “different” than what you would receive in relationship or divorce counselling. Inviting you and your loved one to become clearer in what you both want, and escorting you into a richer expression of your communion.

If you are unclear what program might be best for you as a couple simply contact James to discuss options. All genders and sexual orientations, married or partnered couples, are welcome. Alternative relationship arrangements are also invited.

Relationship Go-Between
Sexual Intimacy Enhancement
Couples Comprehensive Coaching Program
Lifestyle Redirection
Profound Edge Relationship Weekend Adventure