Dear Clients and Friends of James Baye,

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the sudden, accidental death of James Baye. For all inquiries, please email Michaela Boehm at Thank you.

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Services for Entertainers

It must be you. But it is also them. Which is it? Both. True entertainment requires relationship between you and them. A space must be created for yourself and another to meet, and then connect in a manner that evokes amusement, enjoyment, and even titillation. As an entertainer you are constantly required to establish the best style of connection in order to bring your bounty, shake your booty, or express your bold.

Entertainment necessitates knowing both your self and your audience quite intimately. What you bring must connect with what they want, else… it’ll be a very long show. The balance between “too much”, “too little”, and “just right” must be nudged and prevailed in order to satisfy the essential tension required for awesome entertainment. However, when you start to slip, noticing that you are not influencing nor inspiring others to join your compelling production, on stage or in the studio, you must start to wonder – is it you or them that must change?

The greatest entertainers know that its all up to them. They take full responsibility for their own evolution and their audience’s maturation. Even though entertainment is based in mutual relationship, as the performer it is your creation that the audience is paying for, your journey that they are intrigued by.

The Wayfinder will set the stage for the next chapter of your show. Collaborating, cajoling, connecting, and challenging you in all the right ways, the following services will shine a brighter light on the shadows and the glory of your entertaining fullness. When you are ready to lead the way to greater entertainment, curtain call the Wayfinder.