Dear Clients and Friends of James Baye,

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the sudden, accidental death of James Baye. For all inquiries, please email Michaela Boehm at Thank you.

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Services for Individuals

There are usually three types of clients.

  • Those who are going in the direction they want, yet are running into obstacles.
  • Those who know where they want to go, yet don’t know how to get there.
  • Those who have no idea where they want to go, yet its time for something new.

The Wayfinder will provide for any style of client that you may be. The following range of Individual Services are designed to meet you in your needs, explicate your goals, and provide the most effective and creative means to instill success.

Regardless of your history, desires, and situation James will be able to provide precise personalized direction for movement along your way. If you are unclear what program might be best for you, simply contact James to discuss options.

The Quick and Simple
Integral Counsel Session
Condensed Coaching Program
Comprehensive Coaching Program
Integral Life Practice Design
Solo Retreat
Cracking Your Code
Profound Edge Weekend Adventure
Personal Consortium