Dear Clients and Friends of James Baye,

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the sudden, accidental death of James Baye. For all inquiries, please email Michaela Boehm at Thank you.

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About The Wayfinder – James Baye

International Coach Federation
Integral Coaching Canada

James Baye by WallRecognized as a global leader in Integral Coaching®, James has served hundreds of clients in over thirty countries across six continents. He has introduced coaching methods and modalities to people and programs across the world, and continues to evolve the practical and aesthetic application of coaching for individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations. James is prominent faculty for Integral Coaching Canada, a resident coach for Integral Life, and a formal partner with Drishti: centre for integral action.

As a critical care nurse, paramedic, and lifeguard James has spent over 25 years working with people in many intimate states of crisis and challenge. With studies in allopathic (western), ayurvedic (Indian), and traditional Chinese medicine James has worked within the domains of health, healing, and well-being for his entire life. Barbara Dossey, Co-Director of the International Nurse Association, has said, “James is an Integral leader and an old soul.”

James Baye by WallAs the only ICF ICC certified coach to work with renowned author David Deida and prestigious Hollywood relationship counsellor Michaela Boehm, James collaboratively creates programs and workshops that allow people to enter into their lives with greater verve, intimacy, and impact. A long time practitioner in various domains of psycho-somatic emotional-energetic practice, student of the gifted bohdisattva Diane Musho Hamilton, and relentless explorer of possibility James integrates an intense range of rigor and intuition to assist people in finding their path to a more desired way of living.

James Baye by Wall James creates distinctive programs, events, and products that promote people to know their inherent self more freely such that they can then move on to what’s next and more fulfilling. No matter your goal – as an individual, couple, business, or group – James’ extensive experience and intelligence in navigating through the many terrains of human existence will provide you with the power and competence to take the next steps into your unknown. His depth of focus, presence, creativity, and compassion allows him to meet you in what truly matters – your life.

Regardless if you are looking for personal or relational development; working within business, politics, or social service; stepping into artistic creation, spiritual discovery, or financial mastery – James promotes you to explore your aspirations and vitalize your intentions until they become your reality.

Doctors, cabinet ministers, dancers, ecological protection agents, entrepreneurs, priests, teachers, CEOs, engineers, strippers, mergers and acquisitions officers, stylists, oil barons, Olympic athletes, politicians, fishermen, resort owners, mistresses, lawyers, solar experts, nurses, singers, yoga instructors, manufacturers, fathers, mothers, NGOs, firemen, counselors, photographers, managers, naval officers, coaches, executives, rock stars, film producers, florists, accountants, and many others, all agree…
…in working with James, you will go further on your path than you realized was possible.