Dear Clients and Friends of James Baye,

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the sudden, accidental death of James Baye. For all inquiries, please email Michaela Boehm at Thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Integral Coaching®?
Integral Coaching® is a style of coaching that embraces everything; literally every understanding of life, every aspect of human individuality and culture can be held within an Integral Approach. In order to be an Integral Coach® one has to have an embodied understanding of the Integral Approach and be living an Integral lifestyle. The Integral Approach allows me to look at all areas of your life and understand how they all are connected and influence each other. In other words, using an Integral approach provides a means to take all aspects of you into account. No part of you is left out, even paradoxes and conflicting aspects of your self are essential within this work. The great benefit to this is, since no aspect of your life is neglected, when you start working towards your goals, your entirety is taken into account, and all of you sustainably moves in the direction of your desires.

How is Integral Coaching® different than other types of coaching styles?
There are a few differences.
One – While most coaching styles use a specific framework or model, the Integral Approach utilizes a meta-view that takes into the aspects of development that the other methods are pointing to. In fact, because of its design, Integral can synthesize all other coaching models and methods (behavioral, psychological, relational, cultural, systems dynamics, etc). This allows me to utilize any approach that would benefit a client. I’m not limited by the confines of a limited model.
Two – Integral Coaching® honours and takes all of you into account. This means every aspect of who you are is invited to come forward and show how it is influencing your life. Your entirety is continually involved and evolved in the process.
Third – Integral Coaching® demands that, as your coach I am embodying an Integral way of living. This style of coaching is powerful because you will see what’s happening, as well as, understand and feel it.

What is the difference between a coach and a counselor (therapist)?
A coach helps you gain clarity about your goals and works with you to plan and achieve them. A counselor/therapist helps you understand and deal with a problem or difficulty you are having. Counselors use therapeutic modalities. Coaches utilize program or developmental modalities. Sometimes there can be a grey area between the two, and during some coaching sessions some counselling type effect can be achieved. Depending on his/her training and skills, a coach may be able to incorporate therapeutics within a coaching session, if you both believe it will assist in the coaching work.

What happens if I need a counselor (therapist)?
When working with you, I stay tuned to the broad range of possibilities that may support you achieving your goals. If an issue arises that appears to require more specific therapeutic techniques, then I will suggest that you also see a counselor/therapist. As there are many types of counselors, we can discuss what style would be best for you. I may be able to make recommendations.

What if I want help with very specific things and I don’t want to change my whole life?
People may feel stuck in one area, in many, or in their entire life. We work together to define exactly what you wish to change. What unfolds as you start the work may influence other areas of your life that you initially felt fine about. What is fascinating about this work, and important for you to realize is, that it is you who will be changing, not simply things about you. You will gain new ways of being in your entire life, not simply the areas you want help with. That said, the focus and plan of your program is always aligned with the specific areas in your life you want to develop.

Can you coach anybody?
In theory, everybody can be coached. Personally, I have chosen to be a bit more particular. As a coach I work hard to understand who you are, design programs and practices for you, and support you as fully as I can while you move towards your goals. I request a similar type of commitment from my clients. I can help you find the door, yet you have to walk through. If, over time, a person consistently appears unwilling to really step into his/her own change process, then I would discuss and plan for ending our work together.

Have you ever had a client you couldn’t coach?
While I have not had any clients that I could not coach, I have had clients that wanted something from me that I could not provide. At that point, I had to suggest they seek somebody else.

How long does somebody usually see you?
This depends on what a person wishes to achieve and what type of program they choose to be involved in. Some services are fixed in the time frame that we are to work together. The time frame for other services are based on the scope of your goal. For example, “The Quick and Simple” is a one session at a time service, a Comprehensive Coaching Program has an estimated length of how long the program will be, where as a Solo Retreat will be a fixed amount of time. Each is an individualized calibration based on who you are, where you are, and what you wish to accomplish. Not however, that lasting change requires consistent stretching and building of a new way of being.

I’ve heard you give homework, what does that entail?
Each service has different aspects to it. In Solo Retreats and Cracking Your Code there is no “homework”. In formal coaching programs there are practices that you will do in between sessions. These practices (homework) that I give you are designed to do two things. One, to show you the patterns you are cycling within, how they are preventing you from moving onwards, and how pervasive these patterns are within your entirety. And two, build the new insights and abilities you will require to move from where you currently are, to where you wish to be. Each client requires different practices or techniques for his/her unique situation. This might entail doing something distinct before we meet again. It may mean a daily practice for a while. It could mean setting some time aside to reflect on something and make notes. It might also entail going somewhere or seeing somebody to experience something of benefit. Each practice is specifically designed for you, based on where you currently are, and what you are working towards.

Do you work internationally?
Yes. Currently over half of my clients are internationally based. We predominantly use Skype or iChat for our sessions. Depending on our schedules, we juggle time zones to find the best time for us both to meet. If, due to travel situations, it works out that we can meet each other face-to-face, that is often a pleasure to make happen.

What are the costs of your various services?
Each service that I provide has a established rate based on three variables: the standard market value of a Certified Integral Coach®, the value of the unique service based within the marketplace, and the value of working with me. Contact me for the pricing of the service you are interested in.

What is you personal philosophy of life?
Now that’s a big question. Put simply, I believe we are here to realize, and then actualize, who we truly are. In that work, much will manifest and evolve. Yet, the truth of who I am, who you are, who we are, is always right here. The rest is a pure beautiful astounding humorous adventure.

What guides your Wayfinding work?
I work with an immense amount of rigor and discipline to cultivate the ongoing capacity to navigate the various terrains of human existence. There is also the parallel track of how to translate that into practical application for your development. Love, compassion, depth, wisdom, creativity, integrity and unknowing fuels my commitment to my work. My gifts lie in helping people become who they want to be, getting them to where they want to go.

Sensei Diane Musho Hamilton
Gifetd facilitator, mediator and spiritual teacher. Diane is one of most beloved and admired Integral teachers and is founder of the Dragonheart Sangha.

Michaela Boehm
Gifted counselor, ingenious facilitator, dedicated practitioner of relational development. The Wayfinder’s primary teaching partner.

David Deida
David is internationally acknowledged as the trailblazer in the art of spiritual sexuality.

Genpo Roshi
Originator of the Big Mind Process, Zen Master Genpo Roshi has the largest global sangha outside of Japan. His home zendo, Kanzeon, is located in Salt Lake City.

Sofia Diaz
Gifted teacher of hatha yoga, sacred movement, and feminine spiritual practice.

Bert Parlee
Integral psychologist, psychotherapist, coach, teacher. Bert sits on the board of the Integral Institute and is executive coach for Stagen.

Terry Patten
Integral leader in the domains of spirituality, coaching, writing and training. Terry is a well-known facilitator for the Integral Institute.

Emily Levang
Integral coach for the emerging feminine of the new millennium.

Barbara Alexander
Integral coach, psychotherapist, and professional spiritual director all in one beautiful woman.

Sean Esbjorn-Hargens
Trailblazing Integralist. Sean is the global leader in Integral scholarship.

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Coaching in Nigeria
Report on Integral Coaching

An overview report of the use of Integral Coaching® as part of One Sky’s Leading From Within leadership development program

The Leading From Within (LFW) three-year leadership development program was designed to promote and cultivate an emerging leadership movement in the African country of Nigeria. There were many reasons that One Sky, a Canadian Non-Government Organization (NGO), decided that it was worthwhile pursing this form of international development.

The idea was compelling and exciting. Incorporate Integral Coaching® as an essential component within an Integrally designed, three-year leadership development program for Nigerian leaders. Besides sports coaching, personal coaching as a profession appears to be very new in Africa. Apart from a moderate group of coaches in South Africa, the International Coach Federation lists only about a dozen recognized coaches in the rest of the African continent. Integral Coaching® does have a small contingency in South Africa, yet nowhere else in Africa. Also, it does not appear that coaching, let alone Integral Coaching®, had ever been an aspect of a project designed specifically for the participants of an international development program in any third world country. The United Nations has been known to use coaches for the leaders of some international development programs, yet not specifically for the participants in the programs themselves. Integral Coaching® would be stepping into the world of international development and embarking on an unknown trajectory.

This report has been written to serve a wide audience with distinct perspectives: Integral Coaches®, One Sky, international development practitioners, NGOs, Integrally informed organizations, funders, and others who may have an interest in how an Integral Coaching® approach could be used within either a large group program, or an international development program.

Click HERE for the free pdf of this report.

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